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      Chowchilla Chamber Office
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      Robertson Boulevard, Chowchilla
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      Chowchilla Country Life
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      Rotary Park
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      Pheasant Run Golf Course
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      Chowchilla Western Stampede
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      Chowchilla Sunset
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      City of Chowchilla
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      Senior Center
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      Historic Chowchilla Arch
  • Welcome to the Chowchilla District Chamber of Commerce!
    "The voice of business and industry since 1965"

    Since 1965 business owners, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs have joined to grow the economy and serve the community of Chowchilla.

    Our membership includes businesses, agri-business, civic/social organizations, and individuals who are interested in maintaining Chowchilla’s heritage and growing the economy of our area.

    You can keep Chowchilla’s economy growing as you “buy local.”  Our handy Business Directory can be a great source to find a local business ready to serve you!

    We encourage all businesses and community members to join the Chamber and invest in your community!  To get more information about becoming a member, simply download our membership brochure and get informed. You can also access our online form to complete your membership through our website.

  • Christmas Decoration Contest is underway!
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      Last Years Christmas Decorating Winners
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      Last Years Christmas Decorating Winners
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      Last Years Christmas Decorating Winners
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      Last Years Christmas Decorating Winners
  • What is the Chamber of Commerce? What is the Chamber of Commerce?

    The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization of businesses and individuals seeking to further their collective interests while advancing their community, region, state or nation.

    Business owners and individuals form the Chamber to advocate on behalf of the community as a whole, economic prosperity, and business interests.  The members are people concerned about improving the area they do business in, as well as reside in, and are willing to do something actively about it.

    Its strength lies in the number and diversity of its membership.  From Agricultural to Industrial, both large and small businesses from virtually every profession are represented and influence the direction of the Chamber’s programs.

    The Chamber works with our City Council and officials, County representatives and State Legislatures for the greater good of Chowchilla.

    Most importantly, the Chamber members support an organization whose primary purpose is making Chowchilla better place to live for everyone!

    Invest in the community of Chowchilla, become a member of the Chowchilla District Chamber of Commerce and let’s make a difference, together!